Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun with Foil

What did you bring for lunch today? Ew, that doesn't sound all that appetizing.

Now that I work from home I just walk over to the fridge and pull out something that doesn't have anything growing on it and chow down, but back when I schlepped myself to the office I'd always pack something to save money. And when whatever delight I had was packed in tinfoil, I always found a way to turn it into something wonderful. Hence today's project:

Fabulous Foil is Fun

Step one:

Find some leftover used foil. There should not be any moldy food or funny smells associated with this foil, or you will live to regret it.

Step two:

Locate something you can cover in foil. A paperclip tray, mouse pad, co worker's Blackberry, etc. I chose a jar that I use as a pencil holder.

Step three:

Wrap foil around object. I noticed that when I started to do this, it looked like my pencil holder was wearing a cape, and it seemed to boost its self esteem.

Step four:

Take more pictures of the object, if you think it will make the object feel better. Notice my photos are light, dark, light, dark? I've got a strobe light going at all times. Helps me think.

Step five:

Finish wrapping foil around said object.

Step six:

Find some accessories to improve the look of your newly decorated objet d'art.

Step seven:


My segue skills seem to be temporarily paralyzed, so I'm going to leap into my tip of the day for Living the life you want to live...NOW!


Find a basket. Put a foil cape on it. It's happy now. But the objective here is to make you happy, not the basket. You put a cape on, too. Now that you've done that, your goal is to notice what makes you feel good in your day to day life and put it in the basket. I'm not talking about illegal substances here, either! Maybe you read an article in Cat Fancy that revved you up. Cut it out and put it in there. Or you saw a program that really got you excited and thinking happy thoughts. Write down a brief synopsis of the show and put it in there. A picture of a beautiful garden or a gorgeous talk show host that make your heart swell, put 'em in the basket.

Do this for a full week. When the week is up, dump out the contents of the basket and look through them. What do you notice? Are there any themes? Does anything in the basket surprise you?

Take the energy you got from all of the things you put in the basket and turn it into something good for yourself. Start a hobby based on something you love, or join a team or club. Better yet, design your own life around the things that make you feel the most alive! This exercise seems silly and simple, but you might be surprised at what it teaches you!

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Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

I had homemade potato salad for lunch today...but alas, no foil...

I love the happy basket idea!!!


Lee Ann