Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scolding Me WIll Do Know Good

I know. I am severely lacking in the "blogging every single day with some super awesome office supply art" category. You may have noticed, I was way more better-er at this when I was in a miserable, soul-sucking job when I had nothing better to do than make eagles out of Post-It notes and write about it "on my own time".

But now I'm, how do I say it, happy. And not bored. And feel free. And joyful. I have no desire to spend my days making office supply art anymore, I'm (sort of) sad to say. I LOVE what I'm doing. I work four days a week from home and am slowly building my life as a coach and am just in love with life now.

I am not planning on giving up blogging permanently, though, but I'll be blogging as a life coach at a new site - and if you're not careful you might learn something. My goal with the new blog is similar to my goal with this blog - to entertain you and show you life can be fun. Of course, with the new blog I'm just trying to get you hooked on me so you'll pay me for more information, but that's okay, right?

I'm also not giving up my dream of being published, or of having Office Supply Art published, I just have other things on the front burner right now. It's been fun. I may still pop in here over the next few weeks or months until my new website and blog are up, but don't hold your breath on seeing a blog post every day. Unless you have nothing else to do, of course.

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neversaydiet said...

that's so wonderful to hear how happy the coaching is making you - you deserve it. The artwork will still happen - a balance will emerge. Just thrilled that you found such a fab fit!