Monday, February 9, 2009

You Know What's Fun? The Weather.

The weather for Big Pine Key, Florida, for the next week is pretty much the same every single day: High of about 76, low of about 68, partly cloudy. You know what partly cloudy means: sunny days with perfect, puffy, delicious white clouds floating around the clear, bright blue sky.

Why do I care about the weather on an island that is 1000 miles away? Because I like to hold a grudge, that's why.

When I was in the keys last week for vacation, the weather went more like this: Highs of 65. Lows of 55. If I was lucky. Unless you also consider it lucky to get to take part in Florida's historic record-setting low temperature streak? Yes? That's your cup of tea? Great, then the morning I woke up and the wind chill was 39 should be right up your alley! Did I mention the gale force winds (I don't know what the really means, but the winds knocked over my screened in tent thing, made my sandal-clad feet very freaking chilly, and also made our tent flap about in such a way that I thought it was about to take off for a trip to Jupiter, so I think that qualifies for "gale force")? Oh, and the terrible and severe thunderstorm that forced us to spend not only three hours in our van, but also to rescue everything out of our slightly leaky tent to spend the night in said van? Sleeping in a clammy, damp, cramped van on an air mattress that is bent and slightly elevated on one side (mine) because it doesn't really fit in the space it has been given is definitely an unforgettable experience.

But I'm not (that) bitter. We did cancel the 4 extra nights we had booked, skipped the Everglades, and shortened our vacation considerably. However, I did get some nice photos that could lead you to believe I spent the week in a tropical paradise.

Behold:Of course, these photos may also lead you to believe that the sun is perpetually setting in the Florida keys, and that it's always almost time for bed. You're right.

Actually, the vacation was a great success because I didn't do any damage to my delicate skin, because, you know, I didn't actually see the sun much. Also, do you remember how I felt the last time I came back from vacation? That did not happen this time, because I don't have to go back to the job that reminded me of Hades! In fact, on vacation I got totally psyched about all the awesome stuff I'm going to do coaching and developed a six week plan to get a firmer butt and great abs. Wait, no, I mean, for getting my website up, what kind of content I want to offer, and more.

Now it is time for me to sign off. I'll be back soon, I promise.

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