Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Supply Art Project of the Day:


Step one:

Get some Post-It Notes, since I'm incapable of coming up with a project that does not involve them. (In my defense, I work at home now and my supplies are limited. If you work at an office you probably have a big old closet full of wonderful things. If so, please send me some!)

Flip the pad over, you're going to use the backside of the notes in this case, so you can still use the front side for important work stuff. Like making grocery lists.

Step two:

We're going to make a flip book. Remember those? You draw a bunch of scenes on pieces of paper and then flip through them, so it looks like the scene is moving? Okay, so draw some scene. I've got a car driving on Mars or something.

Step three:

Keep changing the scene a teeny bit and keep the action going...

Until something exciting happens, like a crash into a random brick wall!

Here is a very sexy video written, directed, and produced by me of my flip book in action. Caution: This may knock your socks right off.

Wasn't that amazing? Hey, it killed some time, didn't it? If you've got something better, by all means send it to me at jentrinque@gmail.com.

Perhaps right now you're entertaining some story about how you can't make a flip book because you're not talented enough. It's convenient that you say that, because it brings me beautifully into my next topic. Thanks.

Today's live your life the way you want to tip:

Kick Your Crappy Beliefs to the Curb!

This morning I was coaching an amazing woman...what? Yes, I actually do occasionally do something besides make office supply art and take fuzzy photos of it. In fact, I like coaching and helping others even more than I like making office supply art, but it's fun, too.

Anyways, back to my point. This amazing woman really has quite a bit going for her: her own business, happy marriage, daughter, is publishing a book with a small local publisher, and something most people would be really envious of: her hubby is making enough money that he says she can leave her business and just focus on writing if she'd like, she can take a break from worrying about money.

Awesome, right? Not so much. She immediately goes into a horrible panicked state that if she's not being productive, as in making money, she's not a good person. False Belief Alert!

It was after learning this I took her through The Work, as originated by the amazing Byron Katie. (And I get to see her live this summer!)

First I asked my client if it was true that if she wasn't productive she wasn't a good person. She said yes.

Next I asked her if she could think of any situation, involving her or another person, where the person was not productive, but still a good person. She named herself in one example, citing a time when she supported a good friend spiritually while she went through a bad divorce. She also named her daughter, who doesn't have to do a damn thing to be a good person, and also her mother. They aren't being productive, but they're lovable and good anyways!

Third I asked her how she felt when she held that story in her head, that she had to be productive to be a good person. She felt pretty crappy, let me tell you.

Lastly I asked her how it would feel to never, ever believe that story again. She felt so free and alive! And let me tell you, when you feel free and alive, that's the truth of your life coming through.

The last step in this process is to look for a turnaround. In this case the most obvious turnaround is, "I do not have to be productive to be a good person." I asked her to give some examples of when she was still a good person but not being productive, and she easily answered that just spending time with her daughter on the couch felt very worthwhile and she felt like a good person, despite the fact she wasn't bringing home the bacon at that exact moment.

If you have a belief that is causing you sadness, stress, or anxiety, it's false. If you don't believe me, call me so I can coach you! If you do believe me, and want to try this out, ask yourself these four questions and do the turn around at the end.

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know with complete certainty that it's true in all situations?
3. How do you feel when you think and believe that thought?
4. How do you feel when you can't believe that thought?

Then, turn the statement around to its opposite and think of at least three examples proving your new belief right.

Feel better? Make a flip book and look at your false beliefs. It will kill time at your lame job and make you feel warm and fuzzy.

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