Monday, May 4, 2009

Shoes and Oboes

Happy, Happy Monday. Wha'd you do this weekend? Mud wrestling? Karaoke-ing? Entomology classes? Excellent. I spent the weekend thinking long and hard about what today's office supply art project should be. This is what I came up with;

Spicy Shoes

Below is the actual shoe I used to wear to work. Ugh.

So, I'm guessing you might not be crazy about the shoes you're forced to wear day in and day out, either, so why not make 'em more "you"?

Also, you should really let your cat help you, if you happen to bring him or her to the workplace:

Okay, so back to the decorating:

Step one:

I hit the old standby, paperclips, to start decorating my shoes. And of course, cat hair. Must not leave the girls out...

Step two:

Cut up a Post-It Note as though it were high quality suede, and cut tassels out of it.

Step three:

Put it all together and what do you have? Some kick ass shoes.

Can you see that I actually have rings on my ankle from the elastic in the socks I was wearing? That's HOT!

Step four:

See how it works with your wardrobe:

I personally think these pajama bottoms go with everything, so I'm just lucky I guess.

I may have spent all weekend contemplating the art project part of this post, but I'm going to be pulling the "live the life that you want to" tip out of my...shoe.

You're Going to Die. Now What? Or Maybe You're Really Rich.

This is yet another way to get you on track to narrowing down what is really important to you in your life. Time to get out the pen and paper.

First, imagine you've just been diagnosed with some horrible disease and only have one year to live. In that year your body and mind will feel good, you can do whatever you like, and you also have the means to make any dreams come true. What are the top ten things you'd do in your last year of life?


1. Bull riding
2. Travel to Wisconsin
3. Knit
4. Eat excessive amounts of cheese
5. Spend time with my poker buddies
6. Finally with the annual hot dog eating contest
7. Go camping
8. Quit my job
9. Take up painting with my feet
10. Learn to play the oboe.

Next, I want you to visualize yourself winning the lottery, so much darn money you'll never have to work again, if you didn't feel like it. What are the top ten things you'll spend your time doing now?

1. Knit
2. Quit my job
3. Spend time with my kids
4. Learn to play the oboe
5. Hike the Appalachian Trail
6. Buy new sheets
7. Get a car with airbags and power steering (really on my list!)
8. Get my eyebrows waxed
9. Buy my friends a yacht
10. Finally taste a beer besides Budweiser

Now, look at your two lists and see which items appear on both. In the examples above, knitting, quitting the job, and learning the oboe appear on both. Hmmm, so if you didn't have much time left OR if you had lots of money you'd do those activities. Are you already doing them? Why not? Aren't you getting sick of your excuses? Pick an activity from your list and start doing it today!

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Lee Ann - The Lion's Share said...

Quite the fashion statement!! The pjs put it right over t he top...