Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Matches Are For Adults

Hi there. I know, it's been a few days since I've posted an office supply art project, but I've got a good excuse: I had no good ideas. Also I'm lazy.

But I'm back with a good one!

Catastrophic Cup Wars

Step One:

Go to the coffee break/lunch room at your work establishment. Find some cups. Also, some plastic utensils might come in handy.

Step Two:

Get out your writing implement and start making some crazy and feisty faces for your cups.

Step three:

Start acting out a heated argument between the cups. Right here they're fighting about whose turn it is to check their email.

Step four:

Since they knew it was going to get ugly, the cups moved away from the valuable electronic equipment and took it to some other place with a wooden floor. Maybe they're in a barn or honkytonk or something. Oh, and they also have weapons now. If you know me, you'll know I'm a pacifist, but if you try to get in the way of my computer time or cookie jar, I might whip out my tools of destruction. In this case we've got a spoon shovel thing and it turns out Larry, the cup on the left, can breathe fire! That comes in handy!

I can hear my mother's disapproving sigh. Kids: matches are dangerous! And I would never recommend using them if you're an adult and not too bright. Or under the influence. And make sure you have some water, baking powder, a fire extinguisher, and some sexy shirtless firefighter within grabbing distance in case the match catches something on fire. The firefighter comes in handy even if you're not playing with matches. But I digress.

Step five:

Declare a winner!

My tip for living your life the best way possible for today is:

Go read my other blog! I only had enough good advice for one day, and it's over here!

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