Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today's project will not involve Post-its! Yay!

In fact, I got my inspiration for this office supply art when I was taking my morning walk. Behold the greatness of

Pens of Pretty

Step one:

Get some pens and pencils

Boring, right?

Step two:

Get you some purdy stuff from outside:

Yes, this project involves walking out of the office to a place where nature lives. If this is not possible, other alternatives include stealing flowers out of the arrangement on the reception desk in the foyer, making leaves out of toilet paper, or just using something readily found around the office, light doughnuts.

Step three:

Lay your object down next to your writing implement:

Step four:

Find some sort of fastening device, like packing tape from the mail room or, in my case, electrical tape from the junk drawer. (side note: I just typed "hunk drawer". If you have one of those at your office, please let me know so I can come visit.) Use the tape or whatever to attached the nature to the writing device.

Step five:

Put newly decorated implement in your kick ass pencil holder to admire.

Step six:

Repeat with your other items.

Step seven:

Use implements, noting how practical they are for office use.

Step eight:

Admire the beauty!

And my tip of the day is simply to get out and enjoy your life. Go outside during your workday. Take a walk. Notice how beautiful the world is. If you live in a city, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. If you don't like flowers, buy yourself a ham sandwich. Do something today that reminds you how wonderful life is.

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