Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creativity Lives at Home

I was quietly minding my own business last night after work. When I say "quietly minding my own business", I mean throwing small projectiles at my cats. After the entertainment value of that activity lessened (which was when the cats decided they no longer appreciated my company and one went outside and the other hopped on top of the refrigerator, where I couldn't get to them), I headed into the office to read my email. Amy sent me what I consider to be one of the funniest things ever. Check out this link. I wish I had thought of this. She actually sent me a completed example, with my face in the box.

After visiting this site and enjoying it thoroughly, I noticed some paint chips that I gathered from the store over the weekend and, what else, forced them to become part of my never-ending-art-project-theme, trees:

The reason I was wandering around so aimlessly last night, when normally I am parked on the couch, is because Anthony was busy working on his own Awesome and Creative Project (ACP).

Don't be distracted by the spectacularly-dressed example of perfect feminine beauty reflected in his creation - what I really want you to notice is the window and the mirrors. He buys old, used windows and grinds them, sands them, takes the glass out, stains them, buys mirrors cut to fit in the panes, puts the mirror in, glazes them and ends up with these beautiful, functional mirrors. He has lots of patience (if you knew me, you'd know he'd have to) and involved projects like this do not bore him to tears as they do me. Here's another:

He made 5 altogether, and I really love it that he's had a fun project to work on, too. It does make me want to do some longer, more detailed art projects (nothing that involves power tools, mind you), but I really can't see myself getting started in something like that until after my last day.

Only 10 days left after today....

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