Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jen and Sculptures

As promised, pictures of sculptures. Okay, the subject of the photos is me and my wit, but the sculptures are there, too:

This is a dog with a drinking problem; his paw is raised in anger at his misbehaving children.

This is boy with a cramp in his side from running too quickly after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He's doing the stretching technique to try to relieve the pain.

I wish I had some office supply art to share with you, but I've spent today working. Sigh, I know, you expect less from me. Actually, I'm helping Amy with a project so mighty and terrible that I can't stand that she has to do it alone. She's de-lighting fake Christmas trees. No, not "delighting" the trees with her war stories and card tricks, but taking off all of the non-working strands of lights in order to put new ones on. The problem is that these trees came pre-lit, which means the lights were strung on by evil Nazi robots with seven arms each and one, giant, all-knowing mechanical brain. It takes the two of us about an hour per tree to get all of the lights off, and we have wire cutters, to boot. And we have about four more to go....

It is my lunch hour, but in the spirit of togetherness and because of the peanut M&Ms she gave me a few minutes ago, I'm going to help her tackle another one...

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