Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mysteries and Reasons To Smile

Today my stepfather, Joe, wanted to send a picture to me. He had taken a photo of a beautiful tree using his cell phone. I emailed him directions on how to send it to me, since he'd never done it before. This is the picture I received:

What exactly do you think is going on in the foreground?
  • Lochness Monster or other large serpent-like creature is bobbing through?
  • Giant demon bunny (those are its ears, see?) popped up and got in the way just before he snapped the photo?
  • Elephant stuck its trunk in front of the phone?
  • Black hole is beginning to form in the parking lot?
I, personally, think it's the demon bunny. Thanks for the photo, Joe, the tree is beautiful and I am thankful you weren't harmed.

On to office supply art! I have mentioned before that sometimes I leave projects for Amy to do while she covers my one-hour lunch break. Sitting at my post can get a wee bit boring sometimes (allthetimeallthetimeallthetimeohmygoshgetmeoutofhere). Past assignments have been quizzes, drawing assignments, and lately, a few word searches. These are the two I made for her today:

I got the idea to make the word searches in various shapes after a lame-o luncheon I went to a few weeks ago. The one they provided was shaped like a horse, but I'm not quite that talented/smart/motivated, so I make easier shapes. The first thing I made was a cross shape. I will not elaborate here as to what the words involved were because I do not want to offend any one's delicate sensibilities. The second one I made was shaped like a tear drop and contained reasons Amy should miss me (awesome, goodfriend, niceass, etc). I made one today with reasons to smile, the top one, but realized they mostly applied to me, so I went ahead and made a second one for Amy with reasons to make her smile, the bottom one. Notice that her crossword puzzle smile is missing a front tooth, like she is. (If I don't ever blog again it's because she has killed me after reading this post.)
The reason I'm showing you these word searches is to prove that you can have fun at work. Especially if you have a spreadsheet-making program, absolutely no supervision, and very little work ethic. It takes a professional like me to come up with something this advanced, but I have faith you could make something awesome, too, if you had enough to drink.

Interviews for my "replacement" started today. My boss is interviewing five foolish people today and six tomorrow. I have 18 days left. How do I know me leaving this job is fate? Because one of my other favorite coworkers, Daniela, who works the evening shift of my job, gave me some leftover Halloween candy and it's exactly the right amount for me to have one piece each afternoon until my last day. What are the chances of that? Yes, thank you for pointing out that I can make something out of less than nothing.
Today was the first day of my at-least-month-long-news hiatus. That meant no Today show during my morning oatmeal and no NPR in the car to and from work. And no checking to see if North Carolina ever got called either way in the presidential election. Oh well, I can find other things to do while I drive, like curl my eyelashes.

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