Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back to Creating

I've been sick the last couple of days and I learned something very important: It's hard to be funny when you're sick. I sat down to finish off chapter two and nothing came out right, it all came out like I had a headache. Which I did. Now I'm in the coughing fit stage, which is a real pleasure-boat ride for my boyfriend, let me tell you.

Today I created stars. That's my theme for office supply art in chapter three. I missed so much work this week I didn't get to create, so I figured I could do some creating in my time off, too. The stars have invisible flecks of spit all over them from my constant coughing, I'm sure that adds to their beauty.

I haven't lost my enthusiasm one bit for this project, which is very unusual for me, usually I have some awesome idea and I'm excited about it until it become unmanageable, like when I realize I'm going to have to spend my own money or take a class or something. This is easy though, it flows right from me, creating art is always fantastically fun for me and since this is made out of office supplies there is no pressure for me to make it realistic, beautiful or good.

I am covered in craft glue and phlegm right now, so I'm going to get away from the keyboard and try to do something else that will help me get closer to finishing the book.

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