Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter Four, Done and Funny!

I did lots of work this weekend. Saturday I went to my mom's house and we made collages together, mine with the intention of getting entered as fodder into the collage chapter of my book. Mom made one collage, I believe when I asked her what the theme was she said "Things that I think are pretty enough to go into a collage". Good enough for me!

After finishing the collages I came home and took very unfocused pictures of them and started chapter four. After sending part of it to Mom and making an edit of something she found politically incorrect, I gave it a rest for the night.

On Sunday, today, I banged out the rest of the chapter, went through and edited it a few times, and then also completed a column I am submitting to a local publication, hoping to get published. It doesn't pay, but that's not my purpose, I want to get out there and prove to myself I can do this.

I had a mini melt down (and I don't mean a delicious mini melted cheese sandwich, either) at the end of this week worrying that I'll never get published. I've got the ego, I think I'm talented, funny and have a great product to sell, but the fact that I have no agent, am unpublished and don't have a sex tape to get myself started and noticed is making me sort of nervous. I can do this though.

Now it's time to watch TV, because that solves all problems. Maybe some wine, too.

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