Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chapter Three

Chapter Three - Stars - In the can, baby. Not in the bathroom, either, which is where I should really be right now because I'm squeezing all sorts of parts of me together to try to finish this post before I head that direction.

I came home from work and working out last night with goals and excitement and I did what i set out to do. I finished my star art, took (really blurry, horrible) pics of it, got them onto my computer and then banged out chapter three. I'm still not 100% on it, although I liked it last night more after I stepped away from it for a moment. Sometimes funny people feel like they're not funny. But that's just more Voice of Reason sending doubts my way.

I plan on taking a different avenue on the themes of the rest of my chapters, so far I've focused on art you can make with office supplies, but now I'm going to work on collages and then just other office related humor.

I am so pumped up, this is the first project in my life where I have felt this sustained, real enthusiasm with a real, genuine belief that I can do this for a living. I want to write humor and integrate art, cooking, kids and art eventually, travel, who knows, I feel the whole world is cracking open for me now and that I AM good enough to do this. I have a plan in place, thank goodness for Amy, she is really helping me get this together, and I'm going to try and try and try to get this published and make this my career. It feels natural to me, I won't have to work in an office anymore, it's just perfect for me.

Excuse me now, before something explodes...

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