Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Insert Evil Laugh Here

Hi! I'm working hard on a few projects this week, including a couple of humorous essays to submit to two different humor contests, my second book and oh yeah, work.

This week is evaluation week at work, and you can bet your butt that I'll be using that somehow to be funny. After the tears have dried, that is.

I've decided I like writing so much because it always involves me talking about myself. And occasionally my loved ones. But mostly making fun of my loved ones, which is oddly fun for me, too.

I really, really love writing. I feel like I'm full of vim and vigor and vinegar and vinaigrette when I'm writing. I feel alive.

I hope that I can do this full time. Amy is editing the manuscript this week, I hope to submit it to atleast two publishers, Ten Speed Press and Sourcebooks before I leave for vacation.

My plan is to get the book published, make a little money from it, have enough interest from a publisher to write a sequel, and keep writing and writing. And also winter in Mexico. Ah, I can picture it now.

I better get back to my real job though, the one that pays the bills...

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