Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping the Focus

Focus. Lately it seems to be something I lack. I lack focus in my work because I think about working on the book or other writings instead. I lack focus on the book because I think about writing columns on other subjects and worry when I'll find the time to get it done. I lack focus on my lunch because I'm typing this blog instead.

I have roughed out Chapter Five, but I don't have any of the art done for it and that helps to get a complete picture of what I want to write. I worry that I'm not funny anymore. That I'm trying too hard. I'm having a hard time finding a silent moment in my brain, even though I advocate that in the book to help with finding your creativity.

I wish I was already there, done, getting published. I'm going to have to work on my focus and my patience, I think.

In happy news I get to eat Mexican food tonight. I'm meeting up with a friend for dinner (but no margaritas, this place can't serve hard liquor. Sort of missing the point of being a Mexican restaurant in some ways) and then a movie. I'm embarassed to say the movie is Sex in the City. She asked if I would go and even though I don't care about high heels, fashion, the sex lives of these women and never watched the TV show, I figured it would still be a good time.

I have a whole hour for lunch today. It's 2pm and I'm just getting to eat, but atleast I've got the time to work on my book. We'll see what the next 57 minutes bring.

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