Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Missing Author

She returns! I have been going incognito as a beach bum - and unfortunately I was a beach bum on medication, which means I now have a bad rash wherever I got sunburned, I am hot!

I was away for a few days to celebrate my sweetheart's birthday, plus it was an awesome excuse to get away for a few days. I wish it had been a few days longer, but when I got back I got some great news. I'm being published! Okay, okay, it's not my book, but I wrote a column on the same subject matter for wncwoman magazine and I'm going to be run in the August issue!

This is huge for me, bigger than when I got my tattoo, bigger than when I was accepted into the kitten-juggling program at State, I mean, this is awesome! It's not a paid gig, but this is a door for me, I can feel it. Also I feel my rash itching so I better get going....

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