Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Logo and New Disaster for the NexJen Center of Awesomeness

Things were going along swimmingly for the NexJen Center of Awesomeness, currently only operating in my mind and occasionally out of my home. Last night I designed the logo for the center out of what else, office supplies. I know hand-drawn logos are a thing of the past, call me old fashioned if you will. I prefer software-challenged. As in, I don't have the software to make a logo because I'm too poor to afford it, and this is more fun anyways. While I was designing this logo I had the pleasure of hearing Amy playing and singing live in my living room, please go visit her website and buy an advanced copy of her new CD, because if you don't you will not like the consequences. (Help. She's holding me hostage in my own Center of Awesomeness. Please call her psychiatrist.)

Amy then spent the night at my house, after playing art director to my logo. She encouraged me to press forward with the ridiculous number of arrows, which I appreciated. Back to breakfast though. Anthony, my sweetheart and Amy's sometimes-bass-player, volunteered to make his famous french toast.

All was well.

Until we sat down and starting pouring on the maple syrup (the real stuff, none of that high fructose corn syrup junk). We didn't notice anything was amiss immediately, in fact we started eating our syrup-drenched toast.

Then Amy (damn her good eyesight) noticed that there was something horribly wrong. There was a teeny ant on her plate. And then she noticed there were many more teeny and dead ants in the maple syrup bottle! I almost hurled. I could not continue with my meal.

Amy pointed out that the NexJen Center was probably going to be shut down due to lack of health standards. it is a sad day for us all.

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Anonymous said...

Ants=protein. Helllloooooooo, vegetarians need protein too and ants aren't animals, so you don't have to worry about breaking any granola rules.

With love from-
Lauren - soon to be "Mother of the Year" (MOTY) Loser yet once again