Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is what I get paid for?

This is what I did this morning. I made a tree that says bored. Which got me wondering, trees are stuck in one place their entire lives. Do they ever get bored? I then lost my train of thought because I was distracted by a man wearing pink plaid shorts. I have noticed that plaid shorts are the trend this year, but I will not be joining the party.

So back to the tree. And my boredom. I tried incredibly hard to find things to occupy myself with this morning. And this time I'm not kidding, I really did. I cleaned out my hanging-file-folder-filled drawer, (Amy, hyphens, see? I can be taught) printed out the phone logs for the phone at the desk where I work, did some math based on some numbers that are work-related but far, far too boring to explain here...and then I ran out of things to do. Until I struck upon the brilliant idea of making a tree out of the word "bored".

Sadly, even that did not end my boredness. I feel like I have had my eyes glazed over by the same delicious sugary coating that covers Krispy Kreme donuts, but without the same happy, tasty outcome.


Amy said...

Yes, but where did you find a camera to take this picture?

MysticMonk said...

Your pen? Drawing? image! is great. I to procrastinate with other life things then I draw/paint/contemplate draw/paint

p.s. totally agree about shorts. Solid works best for me unless they are speckled with other things like paint. need more shorts