Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paperclips, Cougars and Mustaches, Oh My!

Oh the weekend. How it stretches out for only a few short moments and then curls back up into the long, dry, and crusty work-week so quickly. Thank goodness I made such excellent use of my short time with Saturday and Sunday: Yes, it's exactly what you're thinking. Wait, that's what you were thinking? Ew, no, that's not it at all. It's landscape art, a paperclip drawing/sculpture. I used multi-colored and silver paperclips to add to the visual excitement. Obviously, these are paperclips from my own home, the paperclips at work are not nearly so adventurous. This is pretty basic, your tree, your rolling hills, your mountains, your cougar-attacking-a-postman (behind the tree, see it?), your sun, your cloud.
Unfortunately, this is what happens when you make this genre of art (the genre is "Awesome", by the way) and don't glue it down. Did a hurricane hit? Did someone sneeze? No, this is what happened when my sweetheart decided he wanted to make a salad on the counter, the very same counter where I carelessly left my creation. I had not warned him about it's state of impermanence, plus he was making dinner for me, so I let it go.
And made this! It's a French man in a snow storm. A bodyless French man. He has no nose, but he has a very wild and wacky mustache, which is really all one needs to get by in France. So I hear.

What sort of art will the week bring? No one knows for sure. Hopefully something else with facial hair, though.

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Anonymous said...

So this bodiless French guy, is he any relation to Marie? You know, the one who liked cake?!?!