Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creative Solutions

Problem: I have no office supply art to blog about today
Solution: I will blog about "creative solutions" for my life problems

Problem: After a pizza dinner last Sunday night I had nothing to wrap the leftover pizza in. No tinfoil, plastic baggies, toilet paper, wax paper. And the damn box was too big to fit in my tiny fridge.
Solution: First I tried swearing at the pizza, but that did no good. Then I tried to fit the leftover pieces in an 8"x 8" casserole dish. The slices were too large. Finally I got out the big dog: the 10"x 12" casserole dish. I put the pizza in, putting pieces of torn up paper from the pizza box between the layers. Then I realized I still had no tin foil, plastic wrap, etc, to put over the top to protect my precious leftovers. I hunted and pecked until I found this giant zip seal bag. I know this bag arrived at the house last July, at the same time as Anthony. I do not know what he orinigally stored in it, but I'm hoping it's something pleasant, like...well, let's just say I'm hoping he didn't use it to transport his dirty laundry down here.

Problem: Wrestling matches with coworkers and customers often times end up with the ruining of perfectly good pants. In the case of my pair, above, the hem fell down.
Solution: Staples. When you are too busy (lazy) to sew, go ahead and use office supplies to mend your clothing. These staples have been not only effective in keeping the hemline of my pants, but add a certain amount of flair and sparkle that the pants did not have before.

Problem: The economy is in the toilet. Times are tough. Money is tight.
Solution: Put your household pets to work. This is one of my cats, Nola. We agreed that since she has lived with me for two whole years and never once helped pay the mortgage, she would teach yoga classes from the house. But this is all she does. She lays on the yoga mat and asks to be petted. This is not what I had in mind. In case you're wondering why I don't put my other cat, Coconut, to work, it's because she is in charge of pest control. Last night she killed a bat. In my house. I do not want to know where the bat came from or if there are anymore. I am just going to trust that Coconut is on top of it and that that I can rest easy.

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