Monday, July 14, 2008

One down, two (or more!) to go

Today I mailed off my submission package to Kensington Publishing Corporation. This company doesn't take chapters, just query letters and a summary of my work.

Amy finished editing my book today, so I should be able to make the changes and submit to the other two companies this week.

How will getting a book published change my life? Will I be able to plate my cats in solid gold? Will I be able to upgrade to real furniture (as opposed to hand-me-down and stolen-from-the-curb furniture)? Can I quit my job and write full time? That's the big question, and from my (mom's) research what I can tell is: No. They all say don't quit your day job.

Since I'm a dreamer, I'm still hoping that Bill Gates will realize I am his love child and that he needs to donate large sums of money to me. Actually, my real dream is that I'll get this published and maybe make some money. And that they'll want to publish the sequel featuring other people's artwork and more of my artwork with my witty commentary. And that they'll want me to write more books, which I'm doing right now. I got a firm outline and one and a half chapters of my next book done this weekend. I also have two more outlines for other books. The key is figuring out how to fit art and spreadsheets and other unusual things into my books. I really want this to be my career. I also want to feel free and to be okay in the present space I'm in, not always looking for a way out.

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