Friday, August 1, 2008

Grumpy Bunny

I am a grumpy bunny today. Which would be a good name for a bar, don't you think? "The Grumpy Bunny"? Also, "The Laughing Duck". There are a few reasons I am grumpy:
  1. Today I wanted to post the link to the August issue of WNC Woman magazine, where my first (and only) article is being published. It's about office supply art and creativity, because that is all I am capable of writing about. Also, I haven't been able to find the real life mag, either, so I haven't had a chance to see my article.
  2. Because I have been unable to view the article, I dreamed about it all night. About it being cut from the magazine, about it being shortened, about it being changed, about it being received poorly, about it being eaten by zombies, normal dream stuff.
  3. There is a new phone system at work. It is not working for me. There are still some glitches. It makes me bitches.
  4. Two weeks have passed since I submitted my book query to Ten Speed Press and Sourcebooks. This does not make me grumpy, I just wanted to make the list look more impressive. I do take the fact that I have not received a reply as a sign that the publishers did not laugh and throw my work away, simply based on my funny last name and poor spelling skills.
  5. I am going camping this weekend. This also doesn't make me grumpy except one of my friends, the one who initiated the trip in the first place, can't go because of her job.

When given grumpiness, make grumpy-ade, isn't that what they say? This is my grumpy-ade:

Why is this bunny grumpy? No one knows for sure, but here are some possibilities:


  1. Bunnies shouldn't have eyebrows?
  2. He/She is being forced to jump through what appears to be nuclear waste?
  3. He/She has no rear legs? Or possibly those rear legs are being gnawed on by badgers? And republicans?
  4. There is some damn kid playing the recorder nearby? (Okay, that's happening in my life and making me grumpier.)
  5. Pink ears make him/her look fat?
  6. He/she isn't sure if he/she's a he or a she?
  7. It is worried about it's carbon footprint?

I asked Amy, coworker and bunny-analyzer, her thoughts. Her suggestions were:


  1. The grass is not edible.
  2. It's really a dog, not a bunny*
  3. It hasn't found God.
  4. It has too much chest hair.

*Let's see you try to draw a bunny from memory, while under phone-system-related-duress, missy.

Happy August

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