Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All In A Day's Work

Busy day today. Let me back up to yesterday, though. I did go to visit my friend and her son for quite a few hours in the afternoon. At first her two-year-old son wouldn't talk to me, but once I danced around in the kitchen in front of him, to music performed by barnyard animals nonetheless, he opened up to me. Daniela fed me lunch and we even watched part of a classic Romanian children's movie called "Veronica". I think that's what it was called, anyways. It was all in Romanian, after all, but it was a musical and I love me some show tunes. (Oh, Daniela is from Romania; she doesn't just drive around looking for foreign language musicals for fun.)

After spending the day with them I did not feel like attending the guided meditation class in the evening, even though I promised myself I would go. After calling myself lazy, silly, un-dedicated to improving myself spiritually, and a few other choice phrases, I told myself to shut up and went home to eat ravioli and play Scrabble with Anthony (I lost one and I won one).

Today I woke up excited to write more and research other ways to get my work out there. I submitted yet another article; this one to an online thingamajig, and I also spent lots of time petting Nola. A very good morning indeed.

I spent the afternoon walking and then came home to find a rejection e-mail from Skirt! magazine pertaining to the essay I just sent them on Monday. Meanwhile, the one I sent seven weeks ago is still floating out in the middle of nowhere without a response from them. I felt a little stung, but then I remembered what Martha Beck says about the "Hero's Saga" stage of our journey to find ourselves. Well, I can't quote it, but it's something along the lines of, "Get out there and start failing." Once I remembered that I felt pretty good. I must be doing something in an effort to work towards my dreams if I'm already getting rejection letters during my first week of being home.

After I recovered from that trauma I started to paint. This is what I have so far:

This isn't going to be just a painting though; I'm going to add texture and polymer clay and other bits to it, but for now it's drying. This is so much fun! I do have one complaint about being home, though. I have to work under really awful conditions:

This is the seat from which I type and paint. I'm not even allowed to have it to myself; instead I must share it with Coconut, who is extremely depressed that it's raining today and she can't sun herself outside. Instead she must make my life more difficult.

Thank goodness she's cute.

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