Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm In Love

With my kitchen. Just so you know. Anthony painted it and then today we bought a new curtain for the kitchen window - with lace. What is wrong with us? I'm starting to feel very grown up, which is not like me. I might be out of a job, but keeping up a nice home really makes me happy. The outside yard isn't as nice as the inside house, and that doesn't make me happy, but luckily I'm good at selective seeing. I can't see that I need new gutters, for instance, and some serious landscaping, and more rocks for my driveway. Oh and that there are still leaves that fell two months ago lying around in the backyard. But back to the kitchen, which I'm in love with! I spend a ton of time in there and I might as well enjoy it. All it took was a couple of coats of paint and some new dish towels to make a big difference.

I had a nice weekend and a nice Monday (Ha! When is the last time you heard me say I had a nice Monday?) On both Saturday and Monday I hung out with my mom and we visited some various communities with nice arts and crafts shops - it really inspired me. Today we went to a big craft store to which I had a gift certificate (thanks, Dad!) and I stocked up on some yarn and polymer clay, and I bought a shadow box frame for a new project idea...

I'm feeling good about this week, I'm going to be doing some Christmas cookie baking and lots of art, plus on our hunt today we discovered two more publishers that appear to produce the kind of book format that would work for my little beauty, so I'll look up the details on submitting to them.

I'm exhausted now from my long day and have to do some more computer work in preparation for our trip up north next week. NEXT WEEK!!! I haven't been to Connecticut in four years, I cannot wait to see it! And of course my family. Not to mention the fact that I'm going to eat pizza. Yes, we have pizza in North Carolina, but come on, it's not real pizza (no offense intended). I will probably consume pizza for as many meals as I possibly can, including breakfast and midnight snacks, I promise I'll take pictures. Maybe I'll make art out of it.

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