Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas


Phew, sorry about that. Tomorrow morning we leave to go to both New York and Connecticut for the holidays. I will be meeting Anthony's siblings and mom and and friends and such, and he'll be meeting my dad and grandmother and uncle and the parents of one of my friends who have been kind enough to extend their home to us for a night.

Today, however, we had to clean, pack, etc. Oh, and I had to make a lasagna because we were celebrating Christmas with my mom and step dad a few days early, since we'll be away on Christmas day. Actually, making the lasagna and doing the celebrating was really fun, not stressful at all.

And I love presents! This was a little silly something my mom gave me:

I was incredibly excited when I saw this. I know, I know, I'm easily excited. I absolutely love this kind of paper - it's black....

....when you draw on the black...

...the swirly colors underneath show up. Yes, I love swirly colors. I haven't gotten to play with paper like this since about the third grade!

We gave Mom and Joe one of the mirror-windows that Anthony made and a sampler plate of the cookies we'll be bringing up north to distribute:

This is what I did for six hours on Saturday. Baked and rolled and thumb-printed and wrapped and sprinkled and, phew, it was a long day. I made ginger cookies, rugalech (which came out flat!), almond shortbread cookies, magic peanut butter middles (the chocolate ones), and raspberry oatmeal bars. They are all packed safely away in tins. Which is a relief, because I think I've had one too many cookies this holiday season and I do not need anymore!

And this is the kick-butt lasagna I made. Mmmmm. Lasagna is a Christmas tradition in my family and I've taken over the honor of making the main dish. There is enough spinach in this thing to make Popeye do somersaults. It was delicious. We left most at mom and Joe's since we're leaving tomorrow.

Lastly, I finished this tree project by painting the frame and gluing the glass to the wood:

That's all for attic door is being yelled at and I think I might need to go intervene. Happy Holidays, I probably won't get back to blogging until Tuesday, December 30.

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NeverSayDiet said...

Your projects are so beautiful and creative! I would love to be on your gift list!
Sending lots of holiday wishes and love and hope for a great 2009!