Friday, December 12, 2008

Version 17 Zillion

Hey, it's Friday. I don't have to sing "Everybody's Work-in' For The Wee-kend" in my head all day anymore, because my week is just as nice as my Saturday and Sunday.

You know how it's been, oh, 20 weeks since I submitted my stuff to Ten Speed Press? Well, it turns out they're up for sale and no one has been in charge for months. So my beautiful idea is sitting on somebody's desk somewhere, wasting away. Better than being eaten by those rabid badgers as I'd feared, I suppose.

I worked on this tree AGAIN today. Version 17 zillion. Now it has polymer clay mountains and sky.

It's still not finished, though. More work later.

Also, I started another blog today. It's through my local paper and I haven't figured out a way to link directly to it from here yet, but when I do I'll post it.

It's almost six on a Friday night and I don't exactly have much planned for the weekend...maybe some cookie baking in preparation for the holiday season? Maybe some more napping? Oh, which reminds me, I'm not napping nearly as much as I thought I would. Perhaps I only dreamed of napping because I couldn't, but now that I can I don't need to?

One of life's great mysteries...

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NeverSayDiet said...

ugh, how frustrating about 10 Speed! Who's next? (I mean who gets to see your fab submission next? ;-)