Friday, December 5, 2008

The End! Free At Last! It's Over! I'm Done!

In case you couldn't figure it out from the title of this post, I'm done with my job! I spent 11 months there and tried my hardest to make it fit, but I just couldn't ignore my own intuition. I made it, I left my position on good terms, my boss took me out to lunch one last time today, all is well.
Although I'm starting to have to try harder to ignore how scary this really is, I have never once regretted putting in my notice and deciding to start this new life. I am going to try to make a living doing what I really want to do, which includes the things that make me feel alive and excited when I even think about doing them!
One thing I will truly miss about my job is getting to see Amy so much. Tonight she's taking me out for wine and appetizers and we're going to exchange presents. Amy refers to them as "Go Away" presents, which is fine with me. The reason I'm posting this so late in the day is that I don't want her to see what I made for her before she actually opens her presents:

This present is the most awesome, I think. It's a folder full of activities - I made her one activity for each week for the next six months! This is a word search for her to complete around her birthday:

This is a crossword puzzle about...nothing in particular. I'm not good at having a theme like the NY Crossword people. Maybe in my next life!

Here is a snowflake word search:

I also made quizzes, drawing assignments, and lots of other stuff that wouldn't photograph well.

This is her next present:

Remember when I made this and she asked me to give it to her, framed? For once her wish came true and I did something she wanted me to.

This was her last request:

Peanut butter cookies! These were fun to make and I always enjoy cooking for loved ones. She falls into that category for sure.

I'm going to sign off now, and when I'm back on Monday I'll be starting my first official "work" day in my new life. I have a life coach appointment set up to touch on my career goals and I hope to read, write, make art, pet my cats, nap, and stay calm about the fact that I have no income!

I'm so happy!

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NeverSayDiet said...

you /sounds so happy! wonderful! Can I just say, I thought you rb-day candl;es were a menorah and was about to wish you a happy hanukkah!