Monday, December 8, 2008

Unemployment Shunemployment

Three people have already asked me today how how I like being at home instead of at work. No, four, actually.

Sometimes I answer while jumping up and down with my arms above my head, sometimes while doing an Irish Jib, and sometimes I answer with a simple, giant smile on my face, but I always say, "I LOVE IT!!!!!"

I don't say all the exclamation points, but I think the people asking me understand my enthusiasm.

Last night I poked Anthony until he looked at me and then I said, "Look, it's a Sunday night and I'm smiling!"

This morning I got up and immediately went to the computer and started writing an essay to submit to Skirt! magazine and now, less than 7 hours later, I've already completed it, had my mom edit it, and sent it off. I love the Internet. I love writing! I am seriously cheating on my first creative love, visual art, but I just don't care.

I also had a life coaching session this morning and we ironed out a few goals for me to work on. My coach talked to me about self-publishing, which she has experience with, and about some reading I can do about creating multiple streams of income when I become a coach. I was hoping my multiple streams of income would be writing, life coaching, baking cookies, petting my cats, and napping, but hey, I'm open to other ideas.

I cannot express how strongly I know this was the right thing for me. I simply do not care that the economy is in the toilet - all I can do is live this life in a way that feels satisfying to my soul, and right now, this is the way.

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