Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Training Day

You know that movie Training Day? The one where the rookie cop gets set up as a fall guy in a drug deal type thing by the guy training him and he (the guy training him, who is also the bad guy) ends up dead at the end? That's pretty much how my first day training my replacement went.

Okay, things were a teensy bit different, I guess. After all, I'm still alive. And as far as I know, I didn't try to get my replacement to do anything illegal today.

It was actually a really good day at work for me, because I was busy! Believe it or not, I really like having something to do; the only reason I turn to office supply art for entertainment is because I am usually bored out of my skull. My replacement is a guy, a couple years older than me, who is funny and likeable. He even agreed to go along with me telling my boss that the only thing I trained him to do so far was paint my toenails when she asked me what I was working on during our weekly marketing meeting. He also does a cool robot voice.

My day is also going well because I thought of a new book idea. I love it when creativity strikes, and although I have had many other ideas crop up since my last completed book, Office Supply Art: How to Not Die of Boredom and Lack of Creativity at Your Lame 9 to 5, this one feels like it might actually be written and completed by me. You know, as opposed to me bribing one of my cats to write it.

Because I haven't made any art or showed anything to you lately, check this out:

Remember how Anthony made all those mirror window things? This is ours to keep. He even put the anniversary card I made him and the sparkle/paint chip art I made in the mirror for display! And here's an entertaining picture of him with a sculpture when we went to Chattanooga:

We don't know who put the hoodie on the sculpture, it was there when we got there. Uh oh, my potatoes are beeping...you know what the means.

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