Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays

Today I know three people who are celebrating birthdays. The first is my friend Daniela's husband, Attila. (He's from Hungary, where that name is absolutely completely run of the mill.) It's also my friend Christy's husband's birthday. His name is Vagan. He's from Arkansas, where that name is absolutely NOT run of the mill. I'm not making this stuff up. Last year I was with Vagan (and Christy and Anthony) on his birthday, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, hiking in a canyon with mountain goats. Again, I am not creative enough to make this stuff up. I have no idea what he's doing this year, but I'm sitting in front of a computer screen with a sweaty T-shirt on and he lives outside of San Francisco now and has joined the Coast Guard, so I'm guessing he's not with any goats this year, either.

Last but not least, it's my dear friend Amy's birthday. I was lucky enough to have her over to my house on Friday night for an early celebration. Here she is with the cake I made her. Two things about this cake - she hates cake. So it's not cake, it's a brownie. Second, it's shaped like a cross is. Don't be offended, Amy is a very faithful Christian and I promised her a religious birthday brownie this year.

I'm not sure why she looks so angry in the second picture...maybe she thought I hadn't made her a birthday card? She had nothing to fear:

It's a pop-out Jesus. He's amongst the universe, wishing her a happy birthday. Again, let me say that I honor and respect every one's religious beliefs and Amy was completely comfortable with this theme, she loved her cake, her card, and her present. Her present was the opposite of this cake and card, and I will NOT be posting a picture of it here, because it would cause her to turn a shade of red so deep and dark that her skin tone would, quite possibly, stay that color FOREVER.

She also gave me a present! It's a belated Christmas gift.

It's a cork board! With corks on it! Also, it had a gift card to my favorite grocery store, Earth Fare tacked to it. Very nice gift. Now I have something else that I will have in my office forever. (Two years ago someone I worked with had the prose "Desiderata" by Max Erhmann written in caligraphy and framed for me; it goes with my wherever I work now.)

I had one last gift for Amy:

Yup, I gave her Nola. Nola hasn't wanted to work lately and is not even washing dishes or taking out the trash anymore, so my only choice was to give her away.

KIDDING! Amy already has two dogs living in her home and I would never, ever part with my baby kitty. Wow, I really am one of those women who thinks her cats are her children.

Before I embarrass myself anymore, I'm going to something. We're supposed to get snow later! I'm actually sort of excited about it because I don't have to drive and Anthony is going snowboarding tomorrow, so maybe the mountain will be good to him! I hope the roads aren't too snowy for him to go!

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