Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baking with style

Look what I made today out of paperclips, rubber cement, and number 2 pencils:

Hard to believe, right? Yeah, okay, it's really made from whole wheat flour, flax seed meal, molasses, brown sugar, and spices - it's a gingerbread cake!

I got all artistic with my photographs of it:

Well, at least I tried to. That way my blog would seem longer and you would be even more impressed than usual.

That's it for pictures of my cake. Did I say my cake? Whoops, I made it to bring to my parent's house for dinner tonight, so I guess it's "our cake".

I am mostly really impressed with this because it came out of the Bundt pan without breaking into a million pieces. I may make very delicious baked goods, but they are often not very attractive, it's kind of my calling card. Mmm, that carrot cake looks great, why is there a big dent in the middle? Oh, you dropped it when you were trying to get it out of the pan?

I am feeling more excited today than I was when I posted yesterday. I had my very last session with my life coach, Barbara, this morning. It was pretty much just a wrap up. When I started with coaching I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do and was in a job that made me feel awful. Now I'm free from that job and much, much happier, but it's time to get into the swing of things with my new career. I need to successfully hold a workshop and get some clients to get that sense of, "This is my career, look, I'm even getting paid to do it." All in good time. First I have to get tan (or less pasty, at least) in Florida.

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