Friday, January 2, 2009


Topic One: A year ago....

A year ago I started working at that job I didn't like. You know which one I mean, right? I think I may have mentioned it a few (thousand) times here. The first day I was nervous, and by the end of the week I was in tears, but I thought that would pass. Sadly, it never did.

Have my working conditions improved since I left the job on December 5th? I'm not so sure, look what I have to deal with now:

It's Coconut. Staring me down. Because I won't pet her when I'm trying to write! What gives? At least my boss at my old job left me alone to work in peace. Those days are long over, let me tell you.

Topic Two: Less Than Perfect Day

I wish I could say that today I was filled with light, sunshine, unicorns, rainbows, Leprechauns, etc, because I woke up and didn't have to go to work. Not quite.

I wanted to go to the gym early, but the weather wasn't so great. That's okay though, I had a chance to write and was thankful I didn't have anywhere I absolutely had to be. But when I was writing I wasn't completely feeling the vibe, and I didn't care for what I wrote all that much, which is always a disappointment.

I did get to the gym and it was successful in that I didn't hurt myself on one of the fancy machines - although I did feel sort of pathetic when a guy who had to be in his 70's could lift more weight than me on the adductor machine. Oh well, I'm building up my strength!

When I got home I checked my email and the editor of a paper I'd been in communication with about writing a column or blog said my writing was good but since I'm not local he doesn't know if it will work out. Hey, at least there was a compliment thrown in.

After checking my email and eating lunch I was determined to find a place to hold my workshop. I have been struggling with which town to hold it in (the one with all the hippies or the one with all the rich, retired folk?) and also finding a reasonably priced place in whichever location I choose. I thought I found a place, but upon driving to it realized that my clientele might be scared off by the sketchy individuals around the place.

Sigh. Now I'm home drinking tea, without a place for the workshop I want to hold in just over three weeks....

Topic Three: Money Well Spent

I was really bummed out driving home from the failed location mission, but then I realized that I pay someone a lot of money to coach me on these things, so I went home and emailed my life coach, looking for guidance and suggestions. That made me feel so much better!

I am proud of me - I'm pursuing something new and scary and I didn't fall into a black abyss of funk when it didn't work out right away. My life coach is certainly money well spent and I hope I can be that helpful to someone in the very near future....

Topic Four: Soup

My bosses (Nola and Coconut) are oddly out of sight at this point, so I'm going to take the rest of the day off. No more blogging, writing, or pressure to make art or be brilliant. I'm going to go make some soup and read. And that's it.

Oops, I spoke to soon. Coconut has requested I pet her immediately. Soup will have to wait...

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