Monday, January 12, 2009

Things I Love

Do you know what I love? (Those of you who said pancakes, cats, hot showers, making fun of the television, being able to scratch a really bad itch in public without embarrassment, seeing my name in print, and making lots of money: you're right, but that's not what I'm talking about right now.)

I love not having to go to work.

It's kind of like breaking up with a boyfriend. You no longer have to be somewhere specific at a certain time or tell someone when you're not going to be were you said you'd be. You no longer have to take place in stupid rituals (like signing the birthday card of the person you don't know, contributing to the pool to buy some guy over in sales a retirement present, or showering everyday) and you definitely have more freedom. Even if the job didn't exactly prevent you from hanging out with your friends or wearing your hair a certain way, it certainly got in the way of you being who you truly are.

There are downsides, though, just like a break up. You no longer have something to do much of the time. You don't have someone to blame when you're in a crappy mood. You no longer get as much free stuff as you used to. You may not be able to afford a place to live and will have to move back in with your mother. But these are the sacrifices I was willing to make.

I am reminded by how happy I am to be jobless because my friend and ex co-worker, Amy, is back at work today after more than a week off (and she went on a freakin' cruise while she was gone!), not too mention she had quite a bit of down time prior to leaving because of the holidays. This morning she had 58 emails (which doesn't seem too bad) and her boss (my former boss) was already having a mild to moderate breakdown over something (my guess is they're out of Starbucks coffee again). I would not want to be Amy right now.

Me, I'm at home, in my bathrobe, preparing myself to take an afternoon nap, and scanning in a picture of what I started to draw this weekend:

Kind of hard to see, but it's a bunch of oddly colored trees with fall colored leaves. I might even work on this later, but I'm also making a loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread and doing some laundry, so I'm not sure if I'll get to it. See, it's not all naps and cat-petting for me.

I'm going to go now and get my hands a kneadin' and continue to thank my lucky stars I'm jobless.


NeverSayDiet said...

See... you're still being productive, producing art! Enjoy the time off and regenerate!

Amy said...

I love this blog post. 1) you talked about me -- always a plus, and 2) i LOVE the drawing of the trees