Friday, January 16, 2009

Nothing To See Here, Folks

Hey, it's Friday! A three day weekend for those of you who work. And you are probably even getting paid for that day off! Lucky you!

Today I have been working furiously towards completing what I need to for my evening with Amy, who will be here after work. Monday is her birthday (hence the national holiday) and I have some birthday related goodness to give her tonight. I would post pictures and tell you more specifics, but if she reads this before she leaves work she won't be surprised, so I'll have to post pictures later.

Last night was my first life coaching telecourse, it was just intros and an overview, but I'm glad the time is finally here! It's going to take some getting used to - the being on the phone and focusing and learning thing. I'm very visual and like to see things in front of me, so I'll have to work hard when I'm on the phone to pay attention to what I'm hearing and try to absorb it.

Hey, I got a new TV! I'm not really into electronics, but the old TV busted and Anthony bought us a new flat screen - I feel fancy now. It almost feels out of place in my little house, but it's reasonably sized. Remember when people just had 12 inch TVs? And 19 inch TVs? Now our TV is 26 inches and it was one of the smallest TVs they had for sale. Oh, times they are a changin'

I'm going to be Frank with you, I mean, frank, I'm watching Ellen right now and thinking about what else I have to finish before Amy gets here, so I'm going to sign off now! Have a great weekend!

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