Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Funny Anymore

I haven't felt very funny lately. The blog hasn't been funny, I haven't been telling funny stories, even the cats aren't laughing at my jokes anymore.

One reason might be that I am no longer making office supply art and writing about it, namely because I no longer have access to lots and lots of office supplies and also I am not bored out of my mind anymore. I do have some paper clips and stuff lying around, but since I am happy these days, making landscapes out of paper clips isn't as necessary as it used to be. I think over the summer I may have perished if I didn't entertain myself, but these days I have other things to do. Somehow writing about these works of art made me funny.

Another reason the blog may be less funny is because I quit my job and can no longer afford to pay someone to write it for me. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can remedy that.

Until I'm either flush in the money department or I get bored enough to make a sculpture out of...something funny...I am going to have to find another way to amuse you. Like telling you about my housecleaning experience.

Today I was folding laundry and making the bed (which in itself is funny, because there was a cat under the covers so the bed ended up with a big lump in the middle of it, which I immediately disregarded) and thought, "how can I make this funny enough to blog about without resorting to juvenile humor?" I couldn't think of a way to do that, so instead I picked the obvious: I did something silly with my underwear.

Underwear is one of those things that just makes people laugh, right? Luckily over the holidays I obtained a few pairs of gift underwear, some of which are a slightly different style than I normally wear - namely when I put them on I can pull them so high up on my chest that they could double as a tube top. If I wore one out on the town with a pair of roller skates I could get a job serving Burgers and Fries in no time.

So I put them on. Over my clothes. And then cleaned the house. You know how people pay women to wear French maid uniforms to clean? Maybe I could start a business that involves me wearing giant underwear over regular clothes and scrubbing toilets. Anyways, I walked around wearing them, and I finally got a chuckle out of one of the cats! I wish I had a picture of the underwear extravaganza to show you.

I'm lying, I could totally take a picture of it right now and post it, I'm just not ready to embarrass myself that way at this time.

Phew, now I got nothing. I used up all my funny-mojo telling a stupid underwear story. Therefore, I am going to change the subject from my lack of funny to something completely different, and cross my fingers that you don't notice.

Guess what??? I got published again!

I wrote a column shortly after I left work, it's the one that Skirt! rejected because it didn't fit one of their current themes. After they didn't want it I sent it to WNC Woman, who published my last column. I hadn't heard anything from them and was wondering about it. At the same time I received the January copy of the publication in the mail, which was sitting on my entry table for days before I even bothered to crack it open.

When I did, last night, I started yelling and freaking out! There was a picture of me with my enormous underwear worn over my clothes on the front inside page! Kidding! But there was my name in the table of contents, in print again! I was having kind of a crappy day yesterday, so that was a nice surprise.

If I had a funny way to wrap this post up, I would certainly let you know.

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