Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year New You!

The first day of 2009...Nola woke me up early because she wanted to snuggle (actually a nice way to start the new year). After I got out of bed I realized it was too darn cold to go outside and run (but the rec center is offering 14 free days at the gym, so I did that instead). I also started a new blog today. One of my resolutions was to write in a gratitude journal every single day, so I am hoping that if I am also blogging about it every single day I'll keep it up! Also, I hope others will read it and be inspired and join me.

This is my first entry:

But this is the only time I'm going to post it here, you'll have to check out the other blog to see what I'm thankful for!

This time of year the TV and radio and Internet are absolutely chock-full of advertisements about being a better you, a new you, a thinner you, a younger-looking you, etc. I love the idea that everyone around the world is collectively resolving to improve themselves...but oh, how quickly it fades. I tried not to make any huge and sweeping resolutions for the year, but I certainly hope to make lots of art, do lots of writing, publish a few things, and start my life coaching business.

Also, I'd like to see my sink free from dirty dishes more frequently, so I guess I better get to work to make the resolution come true...

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