Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know, I know, there were two of you who were wondering why I didn't blog yesterday. Was she finally picked up to be one of Howie's girls on Deal or No Deal? Did she finally hit the jackpot playing Keno at the Cherokee Indian Casino and split for Mexico? Or did one of her cats finally sleep on her face in such a way that she lost oxygen to the brain and is now working for Sarah Palin's campaign team in support of her 2012 bid for the presidency?

None of those things, my children, none of those things. I spent the day out and about, frolicking through the roads of Western North Carolina, searching for antiques and posting fliers about my budget workshop. Oh, and then when I got home I knocked my drink over onto the keyboard and Anthony disconnected it because it was covered in fermented grapes so unless I could telepathically communicate to the blog what I wanted written (and believe me, I tried) it just wasn't going to happen.

But let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start. Yesterday was a quest for Anthony to find some old windows to make into those mirrors he makes, and to look for a little table to put his stereo one. I went along for the ride to go to town so I could get my fliers distributed. We were supposed to take this one back road to get there because supposedly there were some places along the way that might have sold the old windows. This road parallels the highway, just south of it. Instead we ended up north of the highway, way out in East Bummonkey. I have no clue how we ended up there. We did make it to our destination finally. Sort of. We had bad directions and never found one of the places we were looking for.

But, moving on, I did get some fliers handed in around town, and I was relieved to get that done with. Of course, people only have a week from tomorrow to sign up and so far no one has, but I am hopeful.

After we did that we went to some antique places and it was actually pretty cool. I never was much one for antiques, I did like that the places I've been to in the past smelled like my grandparent's house and that made me feel welcome, but I didn't like the stuff inside. Anyways, yesterday we found some cool furniture for the house we don't yet own that may or may not exist at this particular time. But it was still cool. Antique places really seem to be hit or miss though, some have great stuff, and some have things like this

The blurriness of the pic just makes it scarier, but why would you want this in your home??? Luckily I saw this towards the tail end of our journey, so I had already been impressed and thus a good impression had been made.

Okay, so we got home and first of all our TV is on the blink. It is, after all, ten years old, but now is not the time for it to stop working. It stops, it starts, it stops, it starts. And then I spilled my drink on the keyboard. It was a good night, really. Anthony went out and bought a new keyboard even though I spilled the drink, proving that he has even more good qualities than I ever thought possible. Also, he was telling a friend about the incident and he said, "We spilled a drink on the keyboard". I don't know how we together could have done it, but I'm glad he spread the blame around. Does that mean I can say "we" bought a new keyboard?

Okay, I am being distracted by our still not working TV and other various furry things, so ta ta for now.

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