Monday, January 26, 2009

Burritos Will Make It Better

After all my hard work of sitting around the house waiting for someone to decide to come to my workshop, I had to cancel it. I had to cancel it because no one signed up, save one friend who signed up because she is wonderful and one friend who signed up because I told her she had to come or there would be terrible consequences for her, and her little dog, too.

I'm not really all that disappointed about it, because now I don't have to stand up in front a group of people while wondering if I'm going to wet myself or if it's possible for my face to literally burst into flames because I'm so nervous and embarrassed. Now I just have to eat refried beans and tortilla chips.

Since I had to cancel the workshop but have a (my very last!) session with my life coach, Barbara, the next day, I felt the need to present the material to someone to get some feedback. After asking Nola and Coconut if they'd be willing to fill out the evaluation sheets for me and getting only a blank stare and a mouthful of fur from a tail in my face, I decided to ask the previously mentioned friends (Christy and Amy) if they would like to meet for dinner so we could catch up and I could practice my material on them.

I say I'm doing this because of my session with Barbara, and the fact that she's going to want to know how the workshop went and what I learned from my experience, but I'm really meeting with them for the food. The place where we're going has this incredible bean dip that they serve with their tortilla chips instead of salsa and the chips are always hot and fresh and the burritos come in all varieties and are out of this world...and okay, the food is a great incentive, but the real reason I'm doing the mini workshop is because I genuinely want feedback.

This is all very new and weird for me, the whole acting responsibly and trying to do scary things that make me want to throw up thing, because I generally avoid all new and scary experiences all together. If I have to experience them, I pretend they're not happening or I eat lots of cookies while they're happening so I still maintain (in my mind) that they're not happening.

So tomorrow night is a good stepping stone for me. I'm not actually standing up and giving a presentation to a bunch of people, but I am going to share my ideas, theories, heart, nerves, and handouts with my two friends to get their responses, suggestions, and maybe something I say will resonate with them and will spark my inspiration and desire to try, try again with another workshop in the future.

If not, at least there are burritos.

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