Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Even Burritos

In the end not even burritos could make my mini-sized workshop come together. My girls had conflicts with work and lack of sleep, which means I get to practice my material on...no one. Oh well. Luckily I have plenty to keep my mind off my lack of refried beans, salsa, and feedback. Like, oh, I kind of have to pee. And I'm kind of hungry. And the TV is loud and flashy and full of bright and shiny colors.

See? There is plenty to keep me occupied.

Okay, I'm kind of bummed. I just realized this is sort of the end of the first chapter of my self-employment and life change stuff. Tomorrow is my last day with my awesome life coach, Barbara. I do feel ready to move on, specifically because I've moved into my life coaching course and have buddies to coach and be coached by, homework, and lots of supportive people in my life. It's the end of my first experiment in the world of life coaching, since my workshop is now officially...umm dead? Or at least comatose until I come back from vacation and revive it.

When I get back from vaca it's time to refocus on what I can do to gain clientele, to keep myself motivated, to continue to get published, to increase my coaching skills, etc.

Change is pretty much a regular part of my life, as much as flossing my teeth, filling up my gas tank, pulling Coconut's tail. Some things in my life are more stable than they used to be. For one, I've actually lived in the same town for more than four years. And I've lived in my house for three years (to the day!). When I was in my late teens and early 20's I lived in tons and tons of states and in all sort of different apartments, rental houses, and tents.

This is a change I chose, and it's a positive one. And now I have to pee.

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