Friday, January 9, 2009

Jumping the Kitty-Shark

I am super thrilled with the way the copies of my flier came out. I would post them here, except they'd look pretty much the same as yesterday's image, and that would be cheating.

Since I don't have much to write about today (I made no art and didn't accomplish much in the way of engaging in my new career, unless you think eating oatmeal is significant) so I'm going to do something easy, instead.

Cat pictures. You know how they say that a show is "Jumping the Shark" when they do something totally lame and you know that's it for the show? Often times that lame thing is adding a new kid or pet to the show to keep it don't think that's happening to me and this blog, do you?? Let the pictures give you the answer.

It's Coconut in the tub. If I do not close the bathroom door while I'm in the shower often she is waiting at the edge of the tub when I finish my shower, just dying to lap up some of that warm, dirty, possibly soapy water. I do not know why she does this but I gather it's common with cats. Nola does it occasionally and sometimes even drinks out of the toilet bowl! I wish I had a picture of that. Sort of.

So, you know, the pics have nothing to do with anything, but they're cute, right? I just haven't been productive today, but that's okay because I got so much done yesterday. Oh! I did get an email from someone who really enjoyed my WNC woman article, and she shared her Etsy site with me, she makes some neat stuff! Check it out. Anthony was teasing me the other day because I was reading a different email from someone who enjoyed the article so he said, "reading your fan mail?" I never thought about it that way, but it's kind of flattering!

I have nothing else productive to say here, so have a great weekend and hey, maybe you can make some office supply art since I've been lacking in that department so badly.

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