Monday, September 22, 2008


Do you know what occurred to me this morning? Besides I really need to learn to spell "occurred" without needing to use the spell check? That Monday and Friday are equally close to the weekend. It's just that Monday is on the wrong damn side of it.

This should be a good week though, my boss is gone for three days at a conference which means I can get the frozen daiquiri machine up and running in my office. Thursday I am at a conference off site which means free lunch - always a mixed bag since I'm a vegetarian. Could be great, like some vegetarian bean and veggie soup with stone ground corn bread muffins and a green salad. Or it could be boiled-to-the-point-of-death vegetables over some soggy, covered in butter pasta. But still, I'm not at work-work, so it should be good.

Today started out quite well for a Monday, because when I went to Amy's office this morning about an upcoming work-related project I'm working on...she gave me this:

I'd love to say that I made this in a burst of creative fervor, but I'd be lying. Her Office Supply Art did inspire me though, I weaved this at my desk:

Okay, Okay, lies are not becoming, I know. This is my new purse. I finally broke down and bought a new one this weekend because my old one malfunctioned. The zipper came off and then it spontaneously burst into flames. Or that's what I remember, anyways.

Isn't it nice? It's so fall-like and it really does make me want to create something. The only thing is that it still has that odd odor that the hippie clothing store where I bought it had. You know, some sort of combination of unwashed dreadlocks, patchouli and mold? I am sure the smell will fade and be replaced by the scents from my home: Chili in the slow cooker, peppermint shampoo, and used kitty litter box.

I promise tomorrow I will actually make something to post here, instead of stealing the hard work of others.

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