Friday, September 19, 2008

Mixed Blog

Welcome to the Mixed Blog, where I put a bunch of random paragraphs about different topics together for my own amusement.

1. Beach Finds.
Remember how last week I was on a glorious, sun and sand filled five-day vacation? When I was there I found two pieces of Nature's Office Supply Art:

This type of shell was all over the place on the beach, but this one was broken in an interesting way and posed for this nude photograph for me on the carpet of the rental apartment where I stayed.

I'm not sure what this is. When I brought it back from the beach to show Anthony he said he thought it looked like lava. I reminded him that we're not in Hawaii this time and hopefully it wasn't lava rock, because I wanted to take the rock home and we all know what happens when you remove lava rock from the place where you found it. (If you don't know what happens then you need to watch more Brady Bunch reruns.)

2. Classy Joint

The apartment where we stayed in Wrightsville Beach was an older place, there since way before any of the crazy development that's popped up all over down there.

Multiple choice question:

Which things did I like the most about the rental?

A.How close we were to the beach

B.The two large roaches I saw in the bathroom one morning

C.The proximity to the little downtown of Wrightsville Beach

D.The very, very classy flatware with the faux-wood handles

3. Jobby Job Job

There is no more exciting time of the month for me at work than when I receive my issue of the trade magazine I'm subscribed to. Thank goodness I got my issue this week after I got back from the beach, I needed a pick me up. Actual paragraph from said magazine:

Avidyne Corp reports that an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for "Compatibility Mode" on its TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection system is imminent. STC will allow the TWX670 to interface with a large number of displays produced by other manufacturers including many popular MFDs, GPSs, and EHSIs.

I don't know about you, but I think I just wet myself.

4. Ten Speed, Nine Weeks

Nothing. I sent my stuff nine weeks ago. I hope this is a good sign...

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WeightingGame said...

being so close to the beach sounds unbeatable but the roaches would send me running. Far away.