Wednesday, September 24, 2008


You know how the US economy is falling to pieces and the president of Iran is re-starting their nuclear weapons program and in the area where I live, Western North Carolina, there is a huge gas shortage causing price hikes, long lines, and sometimes police intervention at area gas stations?

Well, those are not my top worries at this exact moment.

First of all, I made this new logo thing for my blog:

Professional as always, right? I actually dragged Amy into this and made her take a photo of it with a decent camera because I couldn't scan it and my cell phone wouldn't take a good enough picture. I wanted to put it on the header of my blog but I'm having ISSUES!!! Maybe over the weekend I can get things sorted out.

Other topic on my mind: Why the heck haven't I heard from Ten Speed Publishing??? I am not supposed to hear for another two months from Chronicle books, so no biggy, but we're pushing ten weeks with Ten Speed and it's supposed to take only about six to eight weeks to hear from them. Of course my very overly-imaginative mind is coming up with all sorts of scenarios:
  • They never received my submission and some feral cats are now nesting (do cats nest?) in both the manilla envelope and the scattered, torn pages of my chapters
  • I wrote the address wrong on the envelope and forgot to write my return address on it so it's now sitting in some US Postal warehouse
  • The postal worker opened it, realized what a hilarious and priceless idea it was and submitted it under their name instead
  • The rejection letter made it to my mailbox but a neighborhood kid took it because he thought maybe it was Miley Cyrus answering his fan mail
  • The letter made it to my mailbox but my 83 year old neighbor who is mad at me for not keeping my lower lot mowed to her specifications has stolen it to punish me
  • A happy letter, asking for the complete manuscript arrived but my employer stole it from my mailbox because they do not want me to be happy
  • The president and his crack team intercepted it somewhere on the way to or from California because I'm on the terrorist watch list
  • Nobody loves me

Tomorrow I'm going to a seminar for work and will be unable to blog during my lunch hour, but I'll see if I find something to post ahead of time. Probably a picture of my butt. Oh, which reminds me, yesterday Leslie from the Weighting Game commented on my blog yesterday that her perfect day would include (among other things) peanut butter. I can't believe I forgot to put peanut butter on my perfect day drawing! Thanks for reminding me.

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WeightingGame said...

damn mailmen! always stealing our ideas! I actually invented coffee but my patent was stolen by a rogue mailperson.

Never forget the peanut butter. Never.