Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Pale

This blog title has two meanings:

1. Literally, I'm pale. I mean, right now I'm typing this ahead of time and I'm wearing my reindeer pajamas, so I can't see how pale I am, but in real life, when you read this, I'm sitting on the beach looking down at my thighs and saying "Ahhhh! I'm blinded by the reflection from my white legs! Someone get me some self-tanner and an ice cream cone!" The ice cream cone has nothing to do with me not being tan, I just like them. Hopefully when I come back I'll be less pale. And will not have a rash, like last time.

2. My talent is also pale. Check out this link. A friend of a friend of the cousin of the roommate of his best friend's mom who is in jail's stepdad's half-caf-non-fat-latte makes these awesome paperclip sculptures that looking nothing at all like mine:

Too be fair, mine also involves tinfoil, was made in six minutes or less, and smells like lunch. Which I think is a bonus, don't you? This is one of the pieces I made for my book. Does anyone out there even remember that I wrote a book? It's called Office Supply Art: How To Not Die of Boredom and Lack of Creativity at Your Lame Nine to Five. I am waiting for someone to decide to publish it. Maybe the publishers know I have definitely not been a living example of the title lately, but I will be again, I promise.

For now though I'm going to continue enjoying the sun. And hopefully someone brought me some ice cream by now, too.

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