Thursday, September 18, 2008

Native American Dry Erase Boards

Today I am thinking of the West. Last night Amy (coworker and cookie dealer) and I had our usual Wednesday "workout", where we mostly just complain about our jobs and point out how everyone else has gone around loop three times while we're still on our first one. During the excursion, Amy said she'd like to be playing her guitar on the streets of Wyoming and living out of her car.

Apparently this morning her desires had not subsided because when I sent her a message on her work email account she replied:
I am currently out of the office. I've packed everything I need into the back of my car and am actually on the road right now, heading West -- likely for Wyoming. I don't know when I'll be back, maybe never. But you can look me up if you're ever out here. Just ask for the girl that sleeps in her car and plays guitar on the sidewalks of small Western towns.Thanks. Have a great rest of the week.

I actually stopped to wonder for a moment if that truly was her away message, but I hoped not, because then I would be truly alone, miserable and have nothing to look forward to at this job. Also, I gave her a glass container filled with homemade chicken soup yesterday, and I wouldn't have gotten the container back if she'd gone to Wyoming. It's one of my favorites.

After she sent that email to me I Googled some images of Wyoming to send to her, which in turn made me want to go there, thus inspiring today's Office Supply Art:

The West and the images of it that I found this morning remind me of Native Americans and their artwork. They had dry erase boards, right? Didn't they work out the patterns for their blankets on a board first? Well, if they didn't than they should have, they erase so easily if you make a mistake!

This project was fun and it's easy to destroy the evidence if you need to, but since I did this on my own time I was safe.

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Amy said...

HAHAHA. Your own time. Wow, you are a TRIP.