Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This is the definition of the word uninspired: not inspired; not creative or spirited: an uninspired performance.

This is a visual representation of the word uninspired:

Yup, I cut up some lined paper and made some snowflakes and then arranged them with some other stuff from around my office in a loose star or flower or windmill or jeez, I'm too uninspired to even think of something else that fits into that shape category, shape and slapped it all down on a bright green folder. Go Jen!

Why am I so uninspired lately? (I don't know, but I'll put it in bullet form even though it's not really list material.)

  • Too much cat hair clogging the pleasure receptors of my brain?
  • No, I would say I have the same amount floating around up there as usual.
  • Not enough chocolate?
  • Maybe, I haven't had any in a few days. I've had apple cake to fill the sugar void, though...mmmm, apple cake.
  • Worries that my vacation at the beach will be destroyed by one (or more) of the 13 gazillion hurricanes currently in the Atlantic?
  • That could be part of it.
  • I haven't gotten any rejection letters recently to blog about?
  • That's true. Although it's good, I also feel like I'm floating in a void of nothingness concerning publishing my book. I think I need to reread my own book on vacation (in the basement with the windows boarded shut, eating canned beans) to inspire myself.
  • Yes, I think I can inspire myself with my own work, it is that awesome. I felt so alive when I was writing it.
  • Today I feel like...the outfit I'm wearing right now?
  • The pants are the ones with the loose hem that has staples in it, a black shirt and heels that I think are starting to make my lower back hurt. In case you didn't catch it: I feel loose at one end, dark and uncomfortable. Also very sexy, since Amy said I look good in black :)
  • Oh good, my boss just came into my office during my lunch break. Always inspiring!

Hopefully by tomorrow (or more realistically, not tomorrow) I'll feel more creative!

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