Monday, September 1, 2008

Memorial Day Q&A

Q: Why do you keep calling this Memorial Day when it is, in fact, Labor Day?
A: I am in charge here, I can call it what I want.
Q: What did you do this weekend?
A: I don't really remember. Oh, I did go hiking with my sweetheart and went for some walks and went to brunch/lunch with the parental units. I can tell you what I didn't do with more accuracy: work on anything remotely related to office supply art, book publishing, following my dreams, finding my spirit, or anything else related to those subjects.
Q: How many days until you leave for vacation?
A: Ten!
Q: Will you be making office supply art on vacation?
A: I don't think I'll have access to many office supplies, but I will make some beach supply art. Sand sculptures, shell mosaics, designs and patterns on my own personal skin made by forgetting to put on suncreen and forgetting to take off my flips flops, that sort of thing.
Q: What kind of art do you have for us today?
A: Doodle Poodle, baby!
Q: Huh?
A: My genius has left you speechless?
Q: Weren't you going to make some large-scale art since no one was there to stop you?
A: For your information, I am wearing a paperclip thong right now, but it's not appropriate for show and tell on this blog.
Q: Okay, well, have a good Lab--um, Memorial Day
A: Thanks, you too!

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