Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trees Aren't Pink. Are They?

Hi. Remember how I said I was bursting with creativity this weekend? After all of the baking, cooking, cat-petting, napping, reading, nail-clipping and collage-making of this that went on, I was still ready for more! (If you don't think all of those previously mentioned items are creative, you're not doing them right.)

A couple of years ago I started experimenting with polymer clay, I love how you can mix the colors and use your hands and get really involved with the art. Plus there's no erase holes in the paper from messing up and starting over too many times. I used to make patterned boxes out of the clay, you bake what you make and it hardens into...something hard. I suddenly had the idea on Sunday to make a crazy landscape out of it and this is what I created:

This morning, oddly, I also felt inspired to create and I made this smaller piece:

I'm into trees, in case you haven't noticed.

How did I have time to make this before work today? Normally I get up early to work out, but this morning I decided to do a shortened workout. Yesterday I did both an hour of yoga before work and then, after work, an hour of spinning which Amy also participated in. Neither of us had ever taken a spinning class before, but we loved it. I'm lying. I loved it. Amy hated it. I'm going to wager a guess that because my butt is so much more generously padded than hers my ride was a bit more comfortable. Also she is a wuss. She actually said, more than once, that she'd rather be in our Tuesday marketing meeting than at class. But back to my point, this morning I did a shorter workout because I felt like making more art! So at 6:30 in the morning there I was in my kitchen, molding and mixing polymer clay.

When I was in college and learned to weave in a crafts class I used to say "I'm going to move to the Swiss Alps and weave and braid my mountain goat's hair all day." Now I'm thinking "I'm going to quit my job and make sculpture art and write and braid my cat's fur all day."

Which reminds me...I've made an appointment to talk to a life/career coach on Thursday during my lunch break, hopefully she'll say something along the lines of "I think a good move for you would be to quit your job, make sculpture art and write and braid your cat's fur all day long."

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