Thursday, October 2, 2008

Career Coaches R Us

Today was the day. I spoke to my new career coach, Barbara, for the first time. She offers a free consultation and in preparation for this she asked me four questions:
1. What do you really, really want?
2. Why do you want this?
3. How will your life be different once you have this?
4. What's standing in your way of having this?

My answers:
1. I really, really want to have fresh, minty breath.
2. Hello, who doesn't want fresh, minty breath?
3. Old men will smile at me, children will wave, squirrels will gather at my feet, birds will twitter around my head, singing a happy tune.
4. My love of garlic and onion hummus.

Okay, those weren't my real answers. They were more along the lines of:
1. I want to feel free! I feel dragged-down and miserable right now!
2. I want this because I want to continue on my journey and find the right career for me.
3. Once I find this I'll wake up happy and feeling alive each and every day.
4. FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! Is standing in my way.

The session went really well, she said herself that I sound like a younger version of her and that I'm very self aware, which is a good thing. The process might take about 3 months, I'll identify my values, gifts, passions. We'll do all phone sessions, which is a change from the therapy route that I've taken so many times, where the person who is trying to help you mostly watches you cry and curl up in a ball on their upholstered furniture. Over the phone she won't see me in the fetal position.

I feel very positive about this, she's sending me some "tests" and other evaluation tools, our first session is Monday, October 6, over my lunch break, and I have two more scheduled for later in the month. I hope to be living a freer, happier life in a few months...

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WeightingGame said...

i'm excited to hear more about the life coach - I've never been (therapy, on the other hand, now THAT I've done!) Sounds interesting...