Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bacon - At The Gas Station, Of Course

Here's the deal: with all the excitement of hairless cats and haikus, I completely dropped the ball on telling you that I sent another query letter package thingy to a publisher. The lucky winner of this month's package is Chronicle Books. A sample of my cover letter: "In addition there is an outline of the work, analysis of the potential market for the piece and some marketing ideas for this book, a list of similar books on the market, my biography, and some fairy dust to convince you that this is all a really great idea." I'm not kidding, I really sent that to them. Might as well let them know what they're dealing with up front, right?

Complete change of topic: Tropical Storm Fay. She spent days and days in Florida and now her remnants are here. We need the rain, etc, etc, but yesterday my drive home from work, which is normally a 34-mile-drive-o'-bliss, filled with NPR news and mooning strangers (hard to do when you drive stick), was a torturous drive with downpours, rivers in the roads and me having a mild freak-out. I got off the highway because the roads were so bad. Also I had to pee. I could not wait. And I am so happy I did:

I'm sure you're familiar with this, the sign posted on the hand dryers in public bathrooms. You can't see it in this crappy picture that I've taken, but someone had written captions below the illustration. Under the first illustration "Push Button" is written. Under the second button "Receive Bacon" is written. And under the final button "Eat Bacon" is written. I actually laughed out loud, which was a much needed release from my very stressful drive home.

I am sad to say no bacon came out when I pushed the button. Maybe the machine was empty? Oh well, I'm a vegetarian anyways. On the upside, I am so happy to see other people making funny out there.

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Andrew said...

Awesome. Yet the third graphic doesn't even make sense in terms of a hand dryer. Are we supposed to inhale the heat vapors like an aromatheraphy spa?